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Songs From Up In Smoke

Professors Sid and Stan have been busy recording some of the music from our show.

In other news we are also working on a movie to celebrate the end of our 12 week tour that will follow shortly.

Until then we hope you enjoy the songs!

The first song investigates just some of the 4000 chemicals hidden in a cigarette!


The second song highlights the financial costs of smoking.


We hope you enjoy!

Up In Smoke on tour


Hello Dolly

Hello everyone – welcome to the all new Headzup site.

We hope you enjoy the new layout and design. Thank you to Headzup artist Shaun Blezard for his technological wizardry.

Please have a good look around and find out more about projects touring in 2013/14.

In news coming up we have:

Up In Smoke is touring again soon – rewritten and starring the young Joe Fleming alongside Gacko, the popular show will be coming to schools in Cumbria soon.

Rambling On is a joint production between Headzup and Blaize. This is a show designed  for village halls and we are  touring Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire during the summer of 2013.

Rambling On is our second outdoor walking adventure and you will soon be able to follow the project as it unfolds  live by choosing the category Rambling On Blog.