Flix was a trans-generational local heritage reminiscence project which saw artists Gary Bridgens and Shaun Blezard working with mixed groups of young and older people in two Barrow primary schools (St George’s and Cambridge).  We undertook focused reminiscence and showed young people how to collect stories through exploring older people’s memories of their visits to the cinema and how this is different for young people today.

These films were made as part of the project and feature stories and history from Barrow’s cinema past. The young people took this information to make short films, using animation, puppetry and live action.  They also wrote and storyboarded the films, made props and sets.  All this over 2 days in each school!  The project finished with a swish, red carpet premiere at St George’s where we all dressed up, ate ice cream and popcorn and watched the films.

Teachers’ comments included:

“It was a fantastic experience for both the children and the staff.”

“The discussion with adults created the ideas.  The first hand  nature of the learning was very good.”

“Works wells with Lights, Camera, Action topic.  Good opportunities for speaking and listening.”

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